Aquatic Bodywork and Healing Dance

Among the many ways to learn the art of aquatic bodywork is to enroll in a school or taking classes with a qualified practitioner. The World Aquatic Bodywork Association, (WABA) has a stake in and operates a school located in Harbin. It also maintains the Registry of the Worldwide Water Family. This registry covers all practitioners and students can learn wherever they'd like. Additionally, the WABA also offers certifications for practitioners.


The practice of WaterDance is an ancient form of energy work and bodywork that has been recognized as a powerful therapeutic instrument. Water allows us to feel weightless, which can assist us in relaxing. The body's movements spiral enhance the flow of energy through the chakras. 대전출장마사지 The receiver describes other sensations, such as vivid colours and deep meditation. If our bodies are in balance and free from tension, we experience profound relaxation.

Healing Dance

Alexander George has developed aquatic movement therapies , such as aqua bodywork and healing dancing. The fundamental premise behind Healing Dance is that movement is the medicine. Through an immersive experience in the water, therapists help the body heal itself through a process of recovering and re-balancing. Utilizing advanced body mechanics and movements, the patient becomes a dancer and is moved into a state of freedom and play.

Dolphin Dance

Dolphin Dance is a unique method of subaquatic and aqua physical therapy that integrates the fundamentals of rehabilitation along with the benefits from water. This bodywork involves underwater movement, massage, and point work, and is inspired by Watsu and Waterdance. There are numerous benefits to this type of bodywork, which includes benefits for the client's physical and psychological well-being. It has a variety of healing applications, including relaxing deeply and eliminating toxic substances from the body.

WaterDance is a type of energy work.

A highly effective form of energy work and bodywork, WaterDance combines play, surrender, flow, and harmony. Participants may be able to experience deep relaxation as well as altered states of consciousness. The buoyancy of water aids in the release of tension. The participants experience sub-aquatic dancing, a state of altered consciousness where time-space is blurred. Participants may experience vivid colors and deeply meditative states.

WaterDance is a form of water therapy

A form of therapy using water, WaterDance (also called WasserTanzen or WATA) is the practice of being guided underwater in three-dimensional gravity and a deep state of relaxation. The healing properties of water and suspended breathing are enhanced by this method. Participants are led through movements that ease emotional blockages and promote healing and balance. Some WaterDance practitioners incorporate dance moves into the treatment. This treatment involves several actions that enable the patient to relax and drift into deep relaxation.

Waterwork Aqua

To be certified in the field of aquatic bodywork, there are a variety of different methods to begin. The World Aquatic Bodywork Association oversees every aspect of aquatic bodywork certification, training, research, and education. It also offers certification programs for practitioners, instructors, as well as training institutions. Others are invited to become members as well. Learn more about the benefits of aqua bodywork. Check out the WABA website for information about training in aquatic bodywork.


A master teacher of aquatic bodywork, Harold Dull, is an internationally recognized name. He is the creator of the Watsu system of massage. He studied Zen Shiatsu with the best teacher in Japan and holds numerous certifications including Watsu. He also is an expert in Zen Shiatsu and physiopsychology. Tatsu Shiatsu as well as Tantsu are his specialties. Additionally, he has an academic background in Zen Chakra Teaching.

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